Writing Again

So during the madness of the last few days of studying for PR, I decided to live dangerously by taking up a last minute writing project. That meant sleeping in the dead of the night cause I studied from mid-afternoon till midnight everyday (with lots of procrastination in between) and so I’d start writing late at night. Hehe. It was fun. And I didn’t expect myself to do it, to be honest. It was a writing prompt competition and I didn’t have much feels for any of the prompts except for this one:

You’re sitting at home on a rainy evening, relaxing with a mug of hot chocolate in your favorite armchair. You thought you were alone until you hear the small voice of a child behind you, “Hello. Are you my mother?”

At first, I couldn’t think of anything else except writing about a ghost child which was so predictable. I tried thinking of ideas but y mind kept going back to ghost child whenever I thought of the prompt so I kinda gave up wanting to write anything.

But then one afternoon after I came out of the shower, an idea smacked me in the face.

Thumbelina. The voice could belong to Thumbelina. I could do a retelling of Thumbelina. (I realised I have a thing for retellings)

And so from there my brain started spewing ideas (which took many dark turns, haha. Dee says I’m out to ruin childhoods) and I wrote out the first chapter. I didn’t publish the entire chapter because of the word limit (we had to keep to 1,000 for this prompt) but I cut it at a part where it wouldn’t be too awkward.

Anyway, the story is called Carlin, which is the name I chose for Thumbelina cause I didn’t want to call her Thumbelina LOL. It means little champion in Gaelic. Not sure if the title will change along the way. As for the cover, I had to make something cause I can’t stand the the default cover on Movellas.

Carlin Movellas

The cover doesn’t make much sense but it’ll have to do for now. If I’m not wrong, I got the cactus graphic from Creative Market. They have really pretty stuff there (and it’s FREE. HOORAY)

If you’d like to, you’re welcome to read Carlin! And feel free to leave comments or feedback, it helps me improve :)

Update: Carlin got picked as one of the winners of the writing prompt competition!!

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 10.56.04 pm

I’m so, so happy cause it was such a random idea but eeeee!!! The prize is feedback on any story that I’ve written, so I chose Remnants since it’s my baby and I wanna work on it over the hols.


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