For Adelena – thank you for wandering around Tianjin with me.

I remember the cold air on my cheeks–

Daylight was dying; we needed to eat.

Street lamps flickered on, the road basked in its warm orange glow.

‘Are we there yet?’ I asked, munching on sweets.

‘Just a little bit more, we turn left on that street.’

We paused on the side of the road, your face lit by the pale white light from your phone.

You looked up from the tiny map, pointing at the tower of bricks–

‘That’s where we should be.’

And so we wandered in, mouths open in silent ‘O’s.

Swept away by the chandeliers and carpeted corridors.

Our footsteps echoed on wooden steps,

As we headed down into a brightly lit hole.

A blast from the past in this enchanting little place,

Nuggets of history were what we faced.

A journey through this not-so little place,

Taught us many secrets adorned with lace.

Later that evening we left,

Inspired, enchanted, oh the look on your face!

We stepped out into the cold once more, facing a river dancing with lights.

We knew we’d be back for more.

Adventures abound, but we must wait.

Our next voyage will be for another day.


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