Life has been a jumble of drama and assignments and lack of sleep. I haven’t had a good, proper rest since forever, and I’m so drained. My mum has been pumping chicken essence into me every morning, and though it tastes pretty much like someone threw unwanted parts of a chicken into a blender and made it 100 times more concentrated, I have to admit that it does help me stay awake. Probably cause my insides are forced awake by its nastiness.

Then, on Wednesday at midnight as I was slogging through an assignment, I was blessed with the best news EVER:

I won a writing competition.

What went down after that was a blur of screaming/squealing/shaking in excitement and shock because I freaking won The Seventh Miss Hatfield Writing Competition. I remember not being able to stop shaking for more than 10 minutes because my entire body basically went into shock.

I had actually given up waiting for the results to be released since I haven’t heard from it for four months, and normally results are released within two weeks after a competition closes on Movellas. And I definitely did not expect to win at all – when I first received the email stating that I had won, I was in denial and thought that I’d probably gotten runner up. Especially since there were some really good entries (see Dying to Live – I thought the concept of it was really cool!)

I’m really, really inspired to get back on track for writing. My goal is to finish the first draft of Remnants before I turn 18 – which is by this August. I really pray and hope I’ll be able to do it (and I promise that I will do it). Another source of inspiration for me was Marzia – she recently revealed that she had written a psychological horror story, Dream House, and I’m dying to read it!

Dee, Jolene, Don, Adel (just a few names off the top of my head, don’t be offended if I don’t mention you), and to all those who’ve read and supported my writing (even in its shittiest stages), if you’re reading this: thank you for believing in me. It really means a lot to have you guys get excited over Remnants :)

And here’s the link to Remnants if you’re interested!



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