The candle looked far too stubby to be lit, yet somehow, someone had managed to get it done. The faint scent of vanilla and cake made its way through the room, tied together with a hint of smoke and burnt wood.

Her fingers were laced with the scent of burnt wood, too – a smell which was unpleasant, yet strangely warm and welcoming at the same time.

I don’t know what drove me to write that. Just a tiny blob that popped into my head. Anyway, fall has arrived! At least in other countries. Definitely not here in the land of eternal summer.

Really wish I could be someplace where the leaves are changing colour and nature is all in its golden-red glory and the weather becomes cooler. Scrolling through Tumblr (which is experiencing a sudden influx of fall images) is wonderful and painful at the same time – the pictures are gorgeous (I’m liking practically everything that has to do with fall) but I’m missing out on all the sweater wearing, tea drinking, cookie baking, fireplace huddling, epic photo taking with leaves-fun :(

At least I get to see pictures. Yup. I shall be happy with the little piece of fall I have.



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