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Just last month, I participated in a writing competition which I had found via Leigh Bardugo on Twitter – the Hidden Powers: A Fantasy Competition. It was a rather crazy decision, since the competition only lasted a month, and the deadline was in the same time period as the deadlines for pretty much all my final projects and assignments for the school semester, and I only found out about the competition with half a month to come up with something. I didn’t regret it, though. Although I didn’t win anything (I had hoped that I would – the prizes were so attractive! And who wouldn’t want to win?), it was a great first experience with online writing competitions.

That was how I came to know about Movellas, an online platform for reading and writing stories! It’s kind of like Wattpad, except that Movellas is more for users from the UK. What I found interesting about Movellas is that they have a lot of writing competitions. And by “a lot”, I really mean a lot. From fan fic writing competitions to those where you’re given a few themes to choose from, there’s just so many of them!

I’ve always wanted to participate in writing competitions – and I have done so! Just not online. I took part in the Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition a few times while I was in secondary school as my teacher had urged me to do so, as well as a local writing competition, INKPressions!, when I was in primary school. Other than that, I’ve seen and considered participating in others (Scholastic Writers’ AwardBudding Writers Project) but never really got about doing it – maybe because I procrastinate too much, or that I’m lazy, or one of the most upsetting: hearing about the competition a few days before/after the deadline.

To be honest, I like competitions. I suppose I’m a rather competitive person, making the sound of competitions so exciting and appealing to me. I love the challenge, as well as seeing how others can produce works that are really remarkable and learning from them. I do feel intimidated when the competitions are really big, or when the contenders are really talented, but that just pushes me to work even harder and produce works that I could never imagine myself creating.

Earlier this week, I discovered yet another writing competition which stood out to me while I was browsing through Movellas: The Seventh Miss Hatfield: A Writing Competition. I was drawn in by the synopsis of the book, and after looking through what the competition was about, I’ve decided to give it a shot! The closing date is at the end of the month, which (hopefully) gives me enough time to come up with something worthy to enter! (At this time, I do wish that I had checked earlier and joined when the competition first started so that I’d have more time to work on my story :( )

Surprisingly, I was inclined to join the competition not because I wanted to win anything (although it would be nice to do so), but because I wanted to gain exposure and get my writing gears moving. Not to mention that this competition is a great way for me to spend my time as I’ve absolutely nothing to do during the holidays.

I’m really excited, as I already have an idea in mind (hooray!) which was totally random and meant to be an example when I told Dee (aka Denise, the BFF) about the competition. Can’t wait to see how the story will turn out! I’ll probably be adding updates along the way, and I’ll link the final piece here when it’s done.

And for those of you who are interested, do check out my entry, Manifest, for the Hidden Powers: A Fantasy Competition here! I’d love to hear feedback and comments, so long as they’re constructive. :)



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